Meet the Artist

Donna M. Crowley is a WayPoint certified consultant in LifeTalk, RelationshipTalk, and ParentTalk. By combining art with her consultation skills, she helps others shape the life they desire. Each session, whether personal or in a group setting, offers clients the tools to empower themselves while creating their own beautiful and personal art.

"Living loved and loving life" has become Donna's motto as she continues to enjoy creating an abundant and vibrant life. Her professional experience as an entrepreneur and personal consultant as well as her life experience as a wife and homeschooling mother, allows her to teach resourcefulness and offer a unique perspective on difficult life situations.

Donna returned to the realm of artistry after a 30-year hiatus during which she published  "Hedged in by God's Grace” (2010). Drawing from her own struggles with depression and anxiety, the book offers guidance for building healthy boundaries and encouragement for those facing mental health issues.

I'm an artist who loves life. I make art but with the intent of making vital connections with those who desire to learn to get as much out of life as possible. I approach each person knowing they have something special about them and I know this because I've discovered this about myself.